Dog Food and Nutrition

After much research, we have decided to feed our dogs the healthiest and safest food we could find:                   

Life’s Abundance food has been formulated by a Holistic Veterinarian and contains high quality premium ingredients that are produced in limited runs on a weekly basis. This minimizes periods of storage. The ‘middle man’ is cut out and the food is shipped directly to you ensuring your pet(s) gets the freshest-possible products. Food arrives generally within 4-6 weeks of being made!

I encourage you to do your own research on Life's Abundance! Read the reviews, research the ingredients! Compare Life's Abundance to the food you are currently feeding. Research Dog Food Re-calls! Even if your food doesn't contain corn, wheat, meat by-products, fresh is your dog's food? When was it produced? How long did it sit in a warehouse or on a shelf? Foods that sit and are not stored properly can grow dangerous bacteria and even mold!

                           Our dogs are our family members and we want to feed them the healthiest and safest food possible!                                                                                              

 *Contains both Prebiotics and Probiotics *No wheat or corn glutens, which are associated with food allergies *No meat by-products *No artificial preservatives *No Re-calls 



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