Adoption Application

We would like to learn more about you, so that we may assist you in finding the perfect puppy!




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E-mail :___________________________________________________________________________________


Please keep in mind that the most important things to consider when selecting a new puppy are health, temperament, and the environment the puppy was raised in.  Next would be size, gender and coat type, followed by color.


Why are you interested in an Australian Labradoodle?______________________________________



What is your lifestyle like? (Active/Moderate/Relaxed)______________________________________

What size dog are you looking for?_________________________________________________________

Does everyone in your family want a puppy?_______________________________________________

Does anyone in your family have dog related allergies?_____________________________________

Have you ever owned a dog or dogs?_____________________________________________________

Do you have children?__________________If yes, ages?______________________________________

Do you have other pets?_______________If yes, what kind?__________________________________


Do you have a preference of Male or Female? ___________________Are you flexible?__________

Do you have color preferences? Please list all acceptable colors_____________________________



Puppies may have visitors after first shots. Selections will be made in order of Deposits.

Do you plan to visit and pick your puppy in person?__________________________________________

Do you plan to pick your puppy from on-line photos and our help?_____________________________

How did you find Lucky Dog labradoodles?____________________________________________________

Please Note: We allow visitors to see the puppies after their first set of shots. This will be after 7 weeks of age. At this point, you will be invited to meet the litter and we will assist you in selecting the puppy that fits your family lifestyle.

All visitors must follow our strict policies, for the health of the puppies.

Parvovirus is a very serious disease that can be carried on the clothing or shoes. For that reason, we enforce the following guidelines for visitors.

1. You may not visit any other breeder, kennel, veterinary office, pet store, etc before your visit.

2. All shoes must be removed if visiting puppies indoors.

3. Hands must be washed before handling puppies.  

Thank you for helping us keep the puppies healthy and safe.