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The best way to reach us is by email at :

We can also be reached at (508) 230-8537.

If you get the answering machine, it is best to send me an email. 

* Update: If you have emailed me and I have not answered yet, please know that I am working on getting back to everyone. I have your name and contact information. The interest in Australian Labradoodles is amazing and I feel privileged to breed these dogs for such wonderful families. We have a few carefully planned litters each year, so I may not have puppies for everyone, but I keep a no-obligation list in the order that you contacted me. When I have availability in a litter, I will contact my list (in order) until reservations are filled. 

Contact us today for more information about our Australian Labradoodles.



How long is the waiting list? The list is fluid so the length of the list changes frequently and does not actually matter. Because there is no obligation (deposit), when I contact families some will have moved on, some will ask to remain on the list for a future litter, some will have specific requests that the current litter does not meet, some will be ready and the litter will be a match!

How long will it take to get a puppy? Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing this. Mostly because of the reasons above. Also Mother Nature decides when we have litters, if we have a litter, how many puppies we have, genders, colors, coats, etc.

What are the benefits of being on the waiting list? No deposit required!!  Free to look around at other breeders. If you choose to wait for one of our puppies, you will move up on the list with each litter. When I do have puppies, I work from the waiting list, so this is really the only way to get a puppy.

What is the price of a puppy and what does the puppy come with? *prices are subject to change

Puppy price is $3,250 + 6.25% MA state tax. This price includes microchip, veterinary exam and health certificate, 1st vaccination (DA2PP), worming treatments….collar, leash, toys, puppy blanket, and a variety of Life’s Abundance products that we recommend. For more information about Life's Abundance dog food, treats and pet products, click on the Dog Food/Nutrition Tab.

A $500 Deposit is required to hold your reservation. Balance is due when puppies are 5 weeks of age. We do not take deposits until I contact you and we agree the litter is a match.

How does the puppy selection process work? We will assist you in selecting the puppy that best fits your family/lifestyle. Any potential breeding dogs will always be selected first by the breeder.

Can we visit and meet your dogs? Families with a deposit on a litter will be invited to visit after the puppies have been vaccinated. This will be by appointment and you will meet me, the Mom of the litter and the litter. The Dad will not be on the premises. This is when we will assist you in selecting your puppy. *Due to the current circumstances with Covid-19, I cannot promise any visits. We will do our best to use technology and video to make the most of these challenging times. As soon as it is safe, and at our discretion, we will resume visits for families with deposits.

We can not accommodate visits outside of the families with deposits. We very often have pregnant moms or puppies here. For their safety, we cannot have visitors. There are many germs/viruses, such as Parvo Virus or Distemper that can be carried on clothing and can be very dangerous to our puppies. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you ship puppies? No, I’m sorry; we do not ship our puppies. You will need to be within driving distance to come and pick up your puppy in person. We like to keep our puppies close and meet our families.

What does it mean to be a Guardian? In order to grow our in-home breeding program and have each dog live a pampered pet life, we place some of our breeding dogs into Guardian Homes. We retain breeding rights to the dog, however she/he becomes a part of your family forever. If you own your own home within 1 hour of North Easton, have a fully fenced and secure yard, someone home at least part of the day and would like to learn more about Guardian…please contact me at for more information.

We will have opportunities for Guardian in 2022! Both female and male!

Do you have any older dogs available? We do not tend to have older dogs for sale. Our breeding dogs either live with us as family members or go into the Guardian Program and therefore already have a forever home when they retire. We do sometimes have older puppies or young dogs available for Guardian.

General Information: Our parent dogs are fully health tested and have the calmest, sweetest temperaments. We breed the true Australian Labradoodle and always strive to breed the healthiest and best mannered puppies! All of the studs used in our breedings meet the same strict qualifications as our girls. The coats we produce are fleece; wavy, curly or open. Non shedding and allergy friendly to most. 

Currently our lines are producing dogs in the mini (15-25lbs), small medium (25-30lbs) and medium (30-40lbs).

Questions to ask yourself (your family):

Does everyone in your family want a puppy?

Who will care for the puppy/dog?

How many hours a week is someone home to keep a puppy/dog company?

Are you willing to take the puppy to training class to make sure they are well behaved?

Are you prepared for vet costs including routine exams, vaccinations, monthly flea and tick, monthly heartworm and any unforeseen vet visits; routine or emergency?

Are you prepared for the basic costs of having a puppy/dog? High quality food and treats, toys, crate, bedding, harness, seatbelt, etc.

Are you prepared for the care and grooming needed for a non-shedding coat?

Are you prepared for the unconditional love of a puppy/dog that wants nothing more than to be with their humans? 

Current inquiries will most likely be looking at early 2022 or beyond for puppy avaialability.

We love breeding these wonderful puppies for families!

Thank you!!